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Active Duty Military & Veterans and Dependents Inforemation Site

Let us know how this Information assist you & your Family?

I am the One.
Up liftinhg




This site is created with you the Veteran in mind, who has been on duty and can not find the help/support that you may need, then just use this (2404) @ the Vets pages; these sties is to provide you and your family support.

These are some of Pics of Me as Motor Sgt. 1980-82 Service Battery 1/6th Field Artillery Regiment, 18th Air Borne Corps, and Ft. Bragg.N.C. & 1983-84 B Co 2nd Eng Balt. (CBT) 2nd Inf Division, Camp Giant, South Korea, DMZ.

We hope you can find every thing you need on this Veterans Site,

it is focused on providing high-quality short term service and see if it will help your Cause expectations.

Just read the information and apply your skills.

Thank you for your Services.

Sgt. C. H. Brown;

A Veteran Helping Veterans/Service Officer/Advocate.

Past Adjutant; E.C.Thomas D.A.V Chapter 101, Philadelphia, PA 1999-2002.


DAV NATIONAL OFFICER; Depute REP for the DAV Volunteer Services for THE PHILADELPHIA VA MEDICAL CENTER; in Philadelphia, PA from 1998-2001.

The Philadelphia, PA; Branch #2346 of the NAACP ARMED SERVICES & VETERANS' AFFAIRS a (Standing Committee) COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN, 1999-2011:

 The PENNSYLVANIA State Conference of The NAACP DEPARTMENT of Military & Veterans' AFFAIRS Committee Chairman: 2004-2009.